DfE Practice QTS Tests

Department for Education QTS Maths Tests with Worked Solutions

The secret to passing the QTS Numeracy test is practice lots of questions and to learn the short cuts methods.  Remember that the overall pass mark is 18 out of 28 so don’t worry too much about getting every answer correct.  Many students are able to pass the QTS maths test overall when they can regularly score around 6 to 7 marks out of 12 within the Mental Arithmetic component of the test.

The QTS maths test videos below are free to use for non-commercial use only.  Schools, colleges and Universities may use this content for free to train their students for the QTS maths test.  If the videos helped you to pass please consider leaving a donation to help with the running costs of this website.

Department for Education Practice QTS Numeracy Test Solutions

QTS Numeracy Test 1 (Mental Arithmetic)  QTS Maths Test 1 (Calculator Section)
QTS Numeracy Test 2 (Mental Arithmetic)
QTS Maths Test 2 (Calculator Section)
QTS Numeracy Test 3 (Mental Arithmetic) QTS Maths Test 3 (Calculator Section)
QTS Numeracy Test 4 (Mental Arithmetic) QTS Maths Test 4 (Calculator Section)

A bonus mental arithmetic test with solutions