QTS Test Resources

There are a huge array of books and websites offering guidance and revision material for the QTS maths test.

QTS Books

QTS revision books are great for getting in some extra practice on new questions but choose wisely as quality varies considerably.  Below is a summary of our top 5 QTS maths revision books:

Students past and present regularly tell us that Vali Nasser’s “Pass the Numeracy Skills Test With Ease” text is the best and we agree.  Contains 2 full mock exams and 5 mental arithmetic exams with detailed explanations of the solutions.  Also has good coverage of key topics including speed arithmetic.
Patmore’s slimline offering is perhaps the best known QTS revision book and contains 5 full mock exams.  Chapter content is limited and solutions are very compact which can be frustrating due to the lack of detail, and there are more than a few typo errors in the solutions too.
Tyreman’s book combines QTS numeracy and literacy test material.  Contains 2 mock exams but very limited content on some key topics such as time, money.  There is also some content not directly related to actually passing the QTS Numeracy test such as area of a circle equation and a small section on algebra which is overly complex.

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